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It's a passion for us to make on set communication better

Our Features

Our backbone is the Riedel Bolero intercom system, which we were the first to incorporate into cinema style productions


Natural Conversations

Unlike walkies, on Bolero anyone can talk at any time to anyone. Communication is more natural and efficient not having to wait for a channel to clear. Users also never get locked out like some comms systems who can only handle 4 beltpacks talking at once.


7 Keys on a Beltpack

Bolero can support either 12 or 32 partylines (group channels), and unlimited beltpack to beltpack direct connections. This allows transmissions to be divided into groups so there's no 'everyone listening to everyone' information overload. Users get the tranmissions they need, and don't hear the ones they don't. Up to 7 can be monitored simultaneously on the beltpacks fully customizable keys.


Bluetooth Earpieces

Bluetooth earpieces can be paired to the beltpacks, giving users a completely wireless experience, and the comfort on long days of simple lightweight earpieces such as the Shokz Opencomm and Jabra Talk 65. Both of which are included with State Media systems.


Modular Design

Our film/TV packages have been designed to give the crew enormous flexibility on how they use it. Don't want to add another cart on the truck? Our system will fit on any standard camera cart or magliner. Need to go mobile for driving shots or go up a bunch of stairs? Just take the base station case off the top shelf with you. Need to go ultra portable? Put a dionic battery on the back of one of the antennas and you can have 10 beltpacks connected for over 6 hours to that antenna which is about the size of a shoebox.



Walkie Integration

We've designed a custom walkie interface to connect standard Motorola walkies to the network. Now department heads only have to wear one device to communicate with the rest of their crew on walkies. For example ADs can have channel 1 and 2, ACs have channel 6, the gaffer and programmer have channel 7, and so on.



Unlike most intercom systems, Bolero operates in the 1.9GHz frequency range - meaning there is zero interference with video transmitters, wireless lighting and camera control, wireless mics, wifi, or any other typical wireless device found on set.


Audio Integrations

We can send any audio signal in or out of Bolero, and every user has individual control over when they talk or listen to them and at what volume. Every user typically gets Comteck on their pack. We can give ADs the sound departments VOG. Remote users can be patched in via computer or cell phone. Plus music, earwigs and anything else can go in or out of the system.


Enormous Range

Bolero has a line of sight range of 800ft – which is better than any other intercom system. It's range can be extended by moving or adding an antenna up to 300ft away from our systems with only an ethernet cable (no additional power needed). Using other networking options and antennas we can extend the network over acres, and entire studio, many square miles, and even to other parts of the world.



Enormous Capability

Up to 250 beltpacks and 100 antennas can be on a Bolero network.


IP65 Construction

Bolero beltpacks are very rugged in their construction, and are rated IP65. So no need to worry about tough working environments.


Remote Management

Every State Media system can come with a 5G cellular connected tablet which our technicians can log into remotely to make any changes to the network that are requested.



Quiet Sets

No more yelling across or from outside the set! Now the key personnel can give quiet directions to crew, making communication on set better for everyone. If the AD needs to know how much time the DP needs they can just ask - from anywhere on the soundstage


Workflows Preserved

The problem with a DP on a walkie is that when they transmit instructions it goes to the entire department, not just to the department head. It disrupts the natural workflow a crew has and decreases efficiency by not giving the head the first opportunity to give proper assignments.


Dramatically Increased Efficiency

Every setup in your day is faster. Multiply that over days, weeks, and months and a Bolero rental easily pays for itself.

Save takes – now the operator, 1st AC, and dolly grip can quietly communicate during the shot, making changes on the fly to save the take when something is different than expected. 

Never have to find someone – with all of the key personnel on Bolero nobody has has to wander around the set looking for someone they need to talk to.

Better distribution – say the DP requests a light to be set up outside a window. If they transmit to a partyline with the gaffer and the key grip on it now both of them are aware immediately. Now the key grip can start sending flags, stands and grips over there to be ready – without the DP having to remember to tell the key grip separately or flip to the grip walkie channel. Busy sets get a little simpler.

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